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Gasoline Tax Refund

Holders of a valid Marked Gasoline and Marked Diesel Oil Permit who have purchased and used clear gasoline in their tax exempt operation are eligible for a refund of the gasoline tax paid.

To request a refund, permit holders must complete and submit the Application for Refund of Gasoline Tax form to Taxation and Property Records Division along with all original invoices to support the claim.

Please Note: This refund applies to gasoline only, and does not apply to diesel oil.

Pursuant to the Gasoline Tax Act and General Regulations Section 42 (PDF documents).

Please note:
This page is prepared for information purposes only, and should not be considered a substitute for the applicable statutes. Should there be any conflict between the contents of this page and the statutes, the statutes shall prevail. 

 Application for Refund of Gasoline Tax

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