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Affidavit of Purchaser

When real property is sold in Prince Edward Island, Section 15(1) of the Real Property Assessment Act requires that the purchaser file an Affidavit of Purchaser form with the Registrar of Deeds before a deed of conveyance can be registered.

The Affidavit of Purchaser form provides information on the name and address of the purchaser, and the name and address to whom the Notice of Assessment and Notice of Property Charges should be sent, if different from the purchaser.  It includes the property number, civic address and location of the property (or portion of a property) that was purchased.  The name of the vendor and the consideration paid for the property is also given in the affidavit.

The purchaser must also indicate whether the purchase is subject to Real Property Transfer Tax, and if not, provide the reason for the exemption.

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This page is prepared for information purposes only, and should not be considered a substitute for the applicable statutes. Should there be any conflict between the contents of this page and the statutes, the statutes shall prevail.

The forms listed below are also available in French on our Formulaires page.


Affidavit of Purchaser

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