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Computer Hosted Registry Indexing System (CHRIS)

The Computer Hosted Registry Indexing System (CHRIS) is a web-based application that automates the land registry system.

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Computer Hosted Registry 
Indexing System (CHRIS)


Contains an index of documents that have been registered since 1995.
Images of documents, registered from April 2003 forward, can be viewed
Indexes, stores, updates and retrieves land registry documents.
Uses various search tools to find and/or view documents and to search survey plans.
Land Registry offices are located in Charlottetown and Summerside.

Enhanced Imaging Capability

As of April 2003, all registered documents are now electronically scanned into the system; and, as of August 2004, these documents can be viewed by selecting the respective icon.


Administrative Capabilities

CHRIS has administrative modules for the efficient maintenance of registering, indexing, viewing, interpreting and accounting of registry information.  In order to guard the data against unauthorized users, access to these modules is provided to designated registry staff through username and password protection.


Backup Systems to Protect Critical Data

The document registration system has a level of redundancy built in to ensure critical data is maintained and is accessible to users within the registry.  Registry data is mirrored on two hard drives simultaneously; so when the registry staff enters data into the system, the information is written to one disk and then is immediately written to another disk.  If one disk drive fails, the second disk drive will kick in.  The system ensures there is always one disk that contains a copy of the mirrored image of the system.

Easy-to-Use Searching Techniques

CHRIS utilizes various searching methods to locate document references including:

  • document number

  • document type

  • book and page (documents registered prior to August 23, 2004)

  • owner's name

  • first and third letters of the owner's last name

  • land parcel number

Once you have found the reference to your document, you can locate it in the registry books and/or view it in the CHRIS system (if it was electronically scanned from April 2003 on).


Looking to the Future

CHRIS is only available on computer systems at the provincial registry offices in Charlottetown and Summerside.  However, future plans include offering the service online.

In collaboration with the private sector, we expect to deliver a land information application on the Internet at a reasonable cost.  With a click of the mouse, you will be able to use your PC to query several land databases at once, making it convenient to access documents and maps that users can analyze and review.

Our online land information application will integrate several government databases including: civic addressing, assessment, registry and property mapping.


Complementary Services

  • GeoLinc Plus:  This service, available for minimal fees, provides access to assessment, registry and property mapping information for any parcel of land in Prince Edward Island.

  • Address Locator:  This free web-based service provides accurate and up-to-date address information such as directions and/or generating maps.

  • Civic Addressing:  This free service provides access to 61,000 geo-coded civic addresses, 6,600 kilometres of roads, approximately 400 civic address communities with historical descriptions and emergency service boundaries.  When used in conjunction with a geographical information system (GIS), users can view civic addresses on a map.

Current* Application Specifications

  • Web-based Java application
  • Oracle database
  • UNIX servers
  • Data mirrored on two hard drives simultaneously
  • Data backed up nightly
  • References to all land-related documents
Application Modules
  • Registration
  • Indexing
  • Interpretation
  • Accounting
  • Search
  • Reports
Tools Search by:
  • First and third letters of surname
  • Document number
  • Document type
  • Book and page (prior to August 23, 2004)
  • Name
  • Parcel number
  • Survey plan number
  • Search results reports
  • Documents not interpreted
  • Documents and their land parcel number
  • Retired parcels of land
  • Prince Edward Island
  • 11 Kent Street, Jones Building, 1st Floor, Charlottetown
  • 120 Harbour Drive, 2nd Floor, Summerside
  • No search fees
* Specifications for the current version of CHRIS are subject to change without notice

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