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Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes

The Real Property Tax Act requires that property tax be charged on all real property in the Province with certain exemptions as set out in the Act. The purpose of the Grants-In-Lieu Taxes Program is for Government to provide limited financial support for approved non-profit organizations, community groups or municipalities who are providing specified services in the community by forgiving (crediting) non-commercial provincial property taxes.

In general terms, the Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes program is applicable to:

  1. the non-commercial portion of provincial real property taxes on properties owned by approved non-profit organizations; and

  2. other special but related situations approved by Treasury Board.


Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes require Treasury Board approval. Effective April 1, 2004, grants are approved for a three year period at which time the applicant must reapply to determine eligibility, and the grants are subject to review at any time.

Grants must be based on need as established by financial statements and should not exceed the amount of provincial taxes payable.

A refund of all or part of the grant is made where current taxes had previously been paid in full.

Applications for Grants-in-Lieu of Property Tax by a non-profit organization can be completed using the online form below or it can be requested from:

Taxation and Property Records Division
Department of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs
P. O. Box 880
Charlottetown, P.E.I., C1A 7M2

By completing the application, the applicant will provide information on the purpose of the organization and describe how the property, on which the grant being requested, is being used.

The applicant must also provide the latest available annual financial statements and/or budget of the organization with the application.

The requests will be reviewed by Taxation and Property Records Division and forwarded to Treasury Board for consideration. If a grant is approved, Treasury Board will authorize a credit to be made against the property tax account of the applicant.

A letter or notice signed by the Minister of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs or his/her designate will be mailed to all applicants indicating the amount of grant approved.

Treasury Board will not consider grant requests which are more than one year prior to the fiscal year in which the grant is requested.

Please note:
This page is prepared for information purposes only, and should not be considered a substitute for the applicable statutes. Should there be any conflict between the contents of this page and the statutes, the statutes shall prevail.


The forms listed below are also available in French on our Formulaires page.


Application for Grant-in-Lieu of Property Taxes

Service Location

Shaw Building

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